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Graphic Design Prices
Business Card Design $125
Banner/Billboard Design $300
RSVP Cards $50
Book Cover Design $250
Flyer Design $75-150
Logo Design $150
Letterhead $75
Product Label $75-200
Ticket Design $50-75
Poster Design $100-200
Invitation (Greeting Card) Design $150

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Itemized Website Components
Original Flash Design $200-$250+
Video Integration into Webpage $100
Music Integration into webpage $95
RSS Feed $75
Blog on Website $75
Feedback Form/Poll on Site $50
E commerce Setup (Base rate) $250+
Website Newsletter Setup $75
Chatroom Setup $150
Audio and Video Streaming Added to Chatroom $400
Message Board Setup $150-250
Home page design $150-250
Additional Web Pages $75
Guestbook Setup $50
Custom Background $45
Graphic Page Links (up to 4) $65
Site Maintenance $100/mo (up to 4 hours/mo)

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For all of your design needs from BlackPowerful flyer designs to BlackTastic website design, contact Abibitumi Designs at +233 240 872 928 // +233 249 195 150 or email us at with the type of Design you would like and the Concept that you are going for. Be sure to include any text and visuals that you would like incorporated into your artwork.

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