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  1. Definition of Abibitumi Kasa!
  2. AKALI Photo Gallery
  3. Is english a Universal Language???
  4. Who Were/Are the Greatest Afrikan Thinkers?
  5. What is your Afrikan name?
  6. Is Ebonics an Afrikan Language?
  7. Which Afrikan Languages are u Interested In? Why?
  10. Promote tri-lingualism
  11. The Sankofa Movement: ReAfrikanization & War
  12. The Importance of Afrikan Languages and Worldview
  13. Abibitumi Kasa Pictures
  14. AKALI Mfoni (Final Presentation Photos)
  15. AKALI Mfoni (Final Presentation Video)
  16. Africa's Silk Road: China and India's New Frontier
  17. Blood Diamonds
  18. Photos of Brasil
  19. The Arab quest for Lebensraum in Africa and the challenge to Pan Afrikanism
  20. Dr. Yosef A.A. ben-Jochannan
  21. BLAC Foundation Photo Gallery
  22. Mother and Child Images in Afrika
  23. Photos from Ghana, Sankofa Journey 2007
  24. The Slave Trade
  25. White Nationalism - Dr. John Henrik Clarke
  27. African languages 'under threat'
  28. Do we have to pray in Afrikan languages to Afrikan deities?
  29. From ‘School Daze’ to ‘Stomp the Yard:’ Why Black Greeks Must Go
  30. The 411...Ignoring War Crimes
  31. Congo, Inc.: Corporate Crime and Genocide
  32. Archeology or Grave Robbing?
  33. The Why and Because
  34. Ota Benga: Pygmy on Display in Bronx Zoo
  35. Racism: The Growth Engine of the American Prison Gulag
  36. Racism and the Cherokee Nation
  37. Make your own head covering
  38. You Are Perpetrating As a *Ma'atic Afrikan if...
  40. Article: Bicentenary of slavery's abolition
  41. how to tell if a comrade is single
  42. Africans to sing and dance on replica of slaving vessel
  43. Message Boards that Perpetuate the Disrespect of African People and Traditions!!
  44. Should Afrikans have one common language???
  45. Kamayiti.com en Francais
  46. Afrikan Father and Child Photos
  47. Afrikan Child Images
  48. Images of Senegal and The Gambia, July 2007
  49. Nature of the Threat - Rass Kass
  50. What is the worst blunder Afrikan people have ever made?
  51. ???What is Your Vision For The Future???
  52. West Africa's Empires pt. 1
  53. What does it mean TO BE AFRIKAN?
  54. Abosom/Orisa Power vs white Perpetration of Genocide and Enslavement
  55. Giving them too much power?
  56. warrior priests and priestesses
  57. The Importance of Afrikan Languages and Worldview
  58. African Communication Systems Course Syllabus
  59. On Dr. Maulana Karenga: An open letter by Wesley Kabaila
  60. The Eloquence of the Scribes
  61. Global Environment Outlook 4
  62. Obadele Kambon Defense Action Alert
  63. Bantu Cosmology & The Origins of Egyptian Civilization!
  64. Healing drug addiction the Afrikan way
  65. Why the time is ripe to learn Afrikan Languages
  66. A lesson well learned in Twi class today...
  67. New ID rules may complicate air travel
  68. Victory and Vindication for Obadele Kambon Legal D
  69. Obadele's Panther
  70. New Sankofa Journey Website :: Ghana 2008 July 10-24
  71. Abibitumi Kasa Abakɔsεm (Abibitumi Kasa History)
  72. Lion Mutilates 42 Midgets in Cambodian Ring-Fight
  73. What did you do today to promote Afrikan Liberation?
  74. Abibitumi Kasa
  75. Coming Home - Challenges of repatriation in Ghana
  76. Abibitumi Kasa's Big Move
  77. Another legacy of British colonialism destroying African descendants
  78. The Connection between the Rise of a Black Messiah Racial Profiling & New World Order
  79. WithoutSanctuary.org
  80. All Member Photo Albums
  81. Happy Birthday 2 Obadele Kambon
  82. Run Your Car on Water than with Fuel or Gas Here below
  83. Images of the Afrikan Future (children)
  84. The Dash
  85. Saying Goodbye to Air Travel
  86. Human beings may have had a brush with extinction 70,000 years ago, an extensive gene
  87. The Afrikan Worldview and the european worldview
  88. Tools Of Self-determination For A New Afrikan Reality
  89. Centre puts focus on country's neglected languages
  90. Polokwane schools up in arms about language policy
  91. Africana Digitization Project
  92. Choosing To Be African: A Lifetime Resolution
  93. "Sankofa"
  94. Uganda: Local Languages Key to Understanding Science - Headmaster
  95. A Different World : Mammy Dearest Episode
  96. Dalit beaten by upper caste villagers for smoking
  97. Sapir–Whorf hypothesis
  98. Message to the Sisters
  99. Affidavit: Black Man’s Inter-state Safe Passage Travel Voucher
  100. Osiris Rising Ayi Kwei Armah
  101. Seven Reasons Not to Get Overly Excited About the Fact That Obama is Black
  102. The Language of Afrikan Literature is not yet born - Ayi Kwei Armah
  103. Ghana: Gadangmes Asked to Save Their Heritage, Language
  104. DR Congo's language divide
  105. Change the national anthem -Hackman
  106. Ghana trip helped me a lot - Serena
  107. South Africa: Moment to Recommit Ourselves to What Mama Tambo Fought for
  108. World Clock
  109. AbibitumiKasa WVON 1690AM Commercial Spot
  110. Asafu Yard
  111. FUNKTIONARY ® “Liberating Words and Minds…Turning Water Into Wine.”
  112. Map of Africa's Political Boundaries based on colonizers
  113. Taking Pan-Africanism to the people
  114. Kenya: Let Us Not Find Revolutionaries Where There are None
  115. The Idea of a Black President
  116. Not ethnic cleansing, but class war
  117. Registering Property in Ghana
  118. Relocating to Ile Yoruba and other Africa
  119. Nkonimdie Isegun Afrikan Language Contest
  120. Proper use of mother-tongue the way forward
  121. Black In America - Airs on CNN July 23rd and 24th
  122. Topic Of The Month July, 2011
  123. Afrikan Neighborhood Denied Water Service!
  124. Report: Beijing bars told to ban black people during Olympics
  125. MALI: Thousands still live in slavery in north
  126. Queen Sis. Amy Jacques Garvey
  127. Images from Chicago's Ghanafest 2008
  128. Keidi Awadu in Ghana
  129. Kill the white Criminals Video Game at Abibitumi Kasa
  130. Topic Of The Month September, 2008
  131. Travelers’ laptops may be detained at border
  132. Black German Holocaust
  133. Coming Home - Ghana
  134. 500 Years Later
  135. A Concise History of Black - white Relations in the u.s.a.
  137. TORCH-ure: Y Do We Honor the Olympics?!!?
  138. Kill Whitey: Some of Us Can't Hear it Until it Comes from a White Boy
  139. Young mother says Swiss diplomat kidnapped son
  140. Bro. Dhoruba Bin Wahad Msg to Grassroots Hip Hop
  141. West Papuan Self-determination vs. genocide
  142. Zimbabwe Under Siege
  143. Arms, Africa, and America’s Inmate Industry
  144. White Nationalism - Dr. John Henrik Clarke pt 2
  145. Slavery Today
  146. The crisis in nuba mountains
  147. The White Anti-Racist is an Oxymoron
  148. Valentines Day: Do You Support Child Slavery and Murder?
  149. The Tragedy of White Injustice
  150. The Why and Because
  151. Somalia Victimized by U.S., Ethiopia and Their Warlord Allies
  152. Message Boards that Perpetuate the Global 2000 Report on Gov't Genocide & Depopulatio
  153. Serial Killer in Chicago???
  154. Africom threatens the sovereignty, independence an
  155. Boycott of Diamond Giant Leviev
  156. What We Learn From Native Americans War Against Whites
  157. [Video] History of amerikkka according to south park
  158. After Ron Suskind Reveals Bush Admin Ordered Iraq-9/11 Fakery, House Judiciary Chair
  159. 50 secrets from the science of persuasion
  160. McKinney on the Record
  161. Honoring and Drawing Lessons From Men and Women of Respect
  162. Topic Of The Month October, 2008
  163. Is the $700 Billion bailout the new 911 scam?
  164. Topic Of The Month November, 2008
  165. The End of Plantation Politics?
  166. Dating violence
  167. Children of Color: The Invisible Casualties of Domestic Violence
  168. Formation of Metro Atlanta Council of African Elders
  169. 21 Century Lynching in Paris Texas!!
  170. National security council and their plan of seek and destroy the afrikan movement
  171. nuclear waste being burried in afrikan soil
  172. Civ ; Mansa Abubakari II
  173. kenyean photo
  174. pictures of Accra
  175. Togo picture
  176. Burkina faso !!
  177. Topic Of The Month December, 2008
  178. At Service, Activists Decry Texas Dragging Death
  179. Online slavery site from NY Public Library
  180. The Bay View's Back, On the Web and in Print!
  181. Zimbabwe auctions four tonnes of ivory to China and Japan
  182. Some Thoughts On The Election
  183. the ghost of bush administration lives on
  184. Afrikan Language Fellowships at Howard University
  185. On Concerns Over Gun Control, Gun Sales Are Up
  186. Beautiful Powerpoint of Images representing All Afrikan countries
  187. Obama election spurs race crimes around country
  188. Disturbing Information
  189. Ugandan tribes face extinction
  190. science used as a tool of oppression
  191. king leopolds ghosts
  192. The Russians have landed - in Zimbabwe
  193. A.A.P.R.P, personally
  194. china involvenment in the kongo
  195. western charities in africa,charity or rape?
  196. A Glittering Demon: Mining, Poverty and Politics in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  197. war,murder,rape and torture all in your cell
  198. u.s/uk allies grab minerals while millions die
  199. benin toxic waste
  200. the haitian struggle by erzili danto
  201. reflections on the prison industrial complex
  202. 2nd Monthly Bay View Hits the Streets Friday!
  203. Prayers, Meditations Needed for Bro. Moorbey
  204. afrikan brazilians and aboriginals pushs for change
  205. black movement in brazil seeks justice
  206. Obama presidency is longeraa choice for the rest of the world
  207. When all falls down
  208. Hungry in Zimbabwe "If you rest, you starve"
  209. america hidden wars on horn of africa
  210. chinas' involvement in the kongo part 2
  211. U.s involvement in rwandas genocide and its aftermath
  212. the beggining of codex alimentarius
  213. Australian aboriginees face extinction and genocide
  214. Topic Of The Month January, 2009
  215. another afrikan dying in jail
  216. over crowding in amerikan prisons!
  217. blame the taker not the maker by mumia abul jamal
  218. racism,fascism and imperialism in amerika!
  219. pedophilia is common in jewish orthodox religion
  220. african iraqis faces racism
  221. How we fuel Afrika's bloodiest war!
  222. Rape: The New Genocide in Haiti
  223. Dr. Ben's Hospital Contact Info
  224. What happens when your ENEMY controls your food supply?
  225. dance hall culture,do we man promote it!?
  226. herman bell on the 7th annual symposium of isolation
  227. big bucks from the big house,prison industrialcomplex and beyond
  228. Bush Fulfills Grandfather's Dream to Overthrow USA
  229. oil and gas exploration in the amazon threatens biodiversity
  230. whiteman has a godd complex! read on
  231. jesuits are military order of the vatican
  232. What is it that softens a once hard edge Revolutionary?
  233. Katrina's Hidden Race War
  234. Rex 87,femas blue print for martial law
  235. Body of evidence
  236. the reality of the on going race war in amerika
  237. YURUGU terror strikes again in Azania!
  238. where did mexico blacks go?
  239. Topic Of The Month February, 2009
  240. The Black middle class "consciounsness", is nothing but "whiteness".
  241. What is a "Negro"
  242. Info on Genocide by Khalid Abdullah
  243. Dr. Ben 1/5 Updates/Needs Our Support!
  244. Raising Multi-Lingual Children
  245. when are afrikan people gonna be organized?
  246. The Rwanda and Congo Genocide!
  247. Morrocan border patrol shoots innocent migrants
  248. List of Current and New Abibitumi Kasa Classes!
  249. WHERE do we STAND about GENOCIDE in the SUDAN?
  250. Ankhs! Where can we find dem!