Introductory Yoruba Classes

Intensive Introductory Conversational Yorùbá in Ghana
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Yorùbá Alákọ́bẹ̀rẹ̀ Oníbánisọ̀rọ̀
Intensive Introductory Conversational Yorùbá in Ghana

Learn Conversational Yorùbá Online In One Month! Classes ongoing, call for details: 0249195150

By the end of the course YOU WILL BE ABLE TO:

1. Greet in various contexts and respond to the greetings of others
2. Express likes and dislikes and ask likes and dislikes of others
3. Express what you are doing and what you do and find out what others do and are doing
4. Give your name and ask that of others
5. Mention where you're from and where you live and find out the same info from others
6. Give (or withhold) your real age and find out the age of others
7. Learn a whole host of common phrases and expressions dealing with how to say you're hungry, thirsty, need to use the restroom, etc. AND MORE!!!

What: You are invited to join a one month (8 class) session of Conversational Yorùbá.

Who: Yorubas and non-Yoruba of African descent who are serious about learning our language


Classes meet twice a week
Classes ongoing, call for details!!!

Where: TBA (to be announced)

How: Contact Oluko Obadele at [email protected] or 0249195150
or Register online at

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How Much: $195 USD or Ghana Cedi equivalent for eight (8) class Conversational Yorùbá Session; Contact us about cost of advanced individual tutorials or if you require special payment arrangements

Also, ask about our group rates (groups of 3-4 people get 10% off per person; 5-6 people get 20% off; 7+ people get 30% off), per class rates ($25 for the 2 hour class) and individual one-on-one tutorials ($25 per half hour).

Why: To learn the language of your family and heritage.

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