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Dr. Kamau Kambon Context of white Supremacy Lectures (Parts 1-5)
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The Context Of white Supremacy Online Radio Interview w/ Dr. Kamau Kambon Part I (Interviewer: Gus T Renegade)
Run time: 2:59:07
Format: mp3

  • Dr. Kamau Kambon's background
  •  genocide/democide
  •  the system of white mind-control world terror domination
  •  issues with the term "white supremacy"
  •  all it takes is one idea
  •  every person is a system
  •  The BlackTrix: consistency in every area of activity
  •  significance of concepts
  •  Dr. Kamau Kambon's past and current books
  •  other important books to understand the intergenerational assault on Afrikan people worldwide
  •  importance of feedback
  •  paradox
  •  focusing on a solution
  •  how not to be distracted by distractions
  •  probability
  •  DNA tracking
  •  dewhitenization
  •  white 'people' are the original n*gger while Black people are imitation n*ggers
  •  Charles Hamilton Houston and integration vs. desegregation
  •  being on the brink
  •  hate vs. high mathematical science
  •  unification vs one person
  •  the bell curve
  •  collaborators (quislings)
  •  systems vs. programs
  •  speech at Howard University Millions More Movement
  •  question and answer session
  •  etc.


Purchase individually for $25 here: http://abibitumikasa.com/dr-kamau-kambon-speech-lectures-c-42_43_30/the-cows-w-dr-kamau-kambon-part-ii-mp3-p-213

"Black people are very serious about not being very serious; meanwhile white 'people' are very serious about playing hardball against us, and that hardball is called genocide."

The Context Of white Supremacy Online Radio Interview w/ Dr. Kamau Kambon Part 2 (Interviewer: Gus T Renegade)
Run time: 3:11:55
Format: mp3

  • If someone knows something you don't you are at a disadvantage
  • intellectual coupling to see how concepts relate
  • Black Liberation is the only concept/ideology that can get us out from under white world terror domination
  • not knowing there is a problem as a problem
  • changing based on new information
  • Dr. Kamau Kambon's educational background
  • ratenization and race traitors (quislings)
  • genocide/democide vs Black Liberation
  • the world as a global plantation/international prison/cesspool
  • white 'people' as cesspoolians (with copious examples)
  • infection of other people by the 'white mind'
  • white 'people's' obsession with death
  • white 'people' profiting on agony misery turmoil
  • the concept of Subtle Suicide
  • Afrikan health and melanin
  • the importance of feedback
  • Black and Afrikan as synonyms
  •  incorporating correct life-saving information
  •  the different selves
  •  having an historical base a cultural base and a land base
  •  Subtle Suicide and white hella-days
  •  needs vs wants
  •  white dominators trick those who don't know easily
  •  cutting expenses as a way of not financing white dominators and their system
  •  mental health and physical health
  •  changing oneself
  •  mission: focusing on the solution
  •  Jocko Graves
  •  what we do with our life-time
  •  the Green life zone vs the dead white zone
  •  possibility (quasi-crystals neutrinos)
  •  doing the truth
  •  results-orientation
  •  preventing the white dominators from escaping into the next generation of Afrikan children
  •  question and answer session
  •  etc.


Purchase individually for $25 here: http://abibitumikasa.com/dr-kamau-kambon-speech-lectures-c-42_43_30/the-cows-w-dr-kamau-kambon-part-iii-mp3-p-214

The Context Of white Supremacy Online Radio Interview w/ Dr. Kamau Kambon Part 3 (Interviewer: Gus T Renegade)
Run time: 3:19:45
Format: mp3

  • The reality of war
  •  The state and nature of the war against us (Afrikan=Black people)
  •  evil in high places
  •  ideas and behaviors we should and should not be engaged in
  •  great Afrikans + an extended discussion of why Dr. Kambon got his Doctorate degree
  •  examples of revolutionary committedness
  •  white hella-days and the killing season
  •  getting the selves together with examples
  •  is unification necessary?
  •  whites make right wrong and confused Afrikans=Blacks make what is wrong right
  •  knowing the truth vs doing the truth
  •  question and answer
  •  etc.

BONUS: Continuation of these ideas in parts 4 and 5!!!

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