Recording Bonotchi Montgomery's "There are no Gods in Kemet!”
[No gods in Kemet]

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Date Added: 03/13/2014 by Kamau Rashid
Baba Bonotchi offers a compelling exploration on the concept of Ntcr (Netcher, Neter, Ntr), what some refer to as divinity in English, but may be more accurately thought of as the "the all" or the totality of actuality and possibility. His analysis emphasizes an inescapable truth, that to truly understand the culture of ancient Kmt, we must study the language (Mdw Ntchr) as a medium to understand the ideas of the culture. He maintains that concepts of "God" or "gods/goddesses" as derived from other cultures are insufficient to fully conceptualize the Kemetic paradigm of Ntchr, and that these concepts, if approached from a forthright engagement with the texts of Kmt reveal a degree of philosophical complexity that offers profound insights in the culture of the ancient Nile Valley (Hapy Itrw).
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